1969 & 1970 - Hill 190, SLF, Hill 41 and withdrawal




News Papers

Evidence of a new enemy build-up around Da Nang

February 22nd fights with the NVA and the Main-Force VC

March and April  patrols of the Rocket Belt and contact with enemy units

April 25th BLT 1/26 embarked on SLF shipping

Operation Daring Rebel

Operation Gallant Leader/ Pipestone Canyon sweep of the Dodge City area south of Hill 55 and go Noi Island

Operation Bold Pursuit

Operation Mighty Play

Operation Defiant Stand

October - BLT 1/26 is relocated to the Southwest Da Nang TAOR and Hill 10

Da Nang Anti-Infatuation System

November - Delta Co. is relocated to Hill 41

December - The 26th Marines are designated for the next redeployment

February - 1/26 continues its assigned mission and begins the preparation for withdrawal

March 19th the 1/26 Marines depart Vietnam