1967 & 1968 - Khe Sanh




News Papers

Arrival at Khe Sanh

Co Rac Mastiff

U.S. Congressmen arrive to investigate M-16 rifles

June 6th  attacks on Khe Sanh Base and Hill 950

June 27th attacks on Khe Sanh Base and Hill 689 ridgeline

Relocation of 3/26  from Khe Sanh to Leatherneck square  in September

Long range reconnaissance sweeps find signs of the NVA

October 29th fight between the NVA and a Recon Team

November 29th mortar and sniper activity at Hill 881S

December 13th 3/26 is relocated back to Khe Sanh

January 16th 2/26 is relocated to Khe Sanh">

January 17th a Recon Team and 3/26 engage the NVA

January 21st Hill 861 is attacked and Khe Sanh Base hit with rockets

January 22nd 1/9  is relocated to Khe Sanh Base 

At the end of January Delta Co. conducts combat patrols to clear NVA from areas close to base

February 5th an attack on Hill 861A is defeated

February 7th Lang Vei is overrun

February 23rd the record of incoming rounds - 1,307

February 25th a patrol from Bravo Co. is ambushed

March 6th a C-123 is shot down

April 1st Operation Pegasus is commenced

April 8th 1/26 begins operations to secure the Hill 689 ridgeline

April 18th 1/26 is relocated to Wonder Beach